Look over the 2017 Exhibitor Handbook on line.   Decide what you want to enter and proceed with on line.

Here’s what you need to know

  • EQUINE AND LLAMA EXHIBITORS!!!!   ENTER YOUR EQUINE AND LLAMA SEPARATELY FROM ALL OTHER ENTRIES PLEASE!  If you have more than one horse, enter 1st horse, hit submit, then go back in and enter the other horse.  Same with Llamas, if you have more than one, hit submit, go back in and hit submit and next, etc.
  • There is NO charge to the Exhibitor.
  • Each Exhibitor must have their own individual online account in order to submit entries online.  But families may enter under one user name and password.
  • Accounts do not carry over from previous years.
  • You will need to provide the username, email, and password you supplied at the time you created your account.
  • If you have forgotten your username or password you will be able to request the information be emailed to you from the login screen.
  • An email confirmation is sent to you after you have completed your entries.  That is your “yellow” copy for entry day.  Please make your font large on your email!
  • Write on the top right corner of that copy the last 4 numbers of your SS# with your last initial (EX: H4540) and your age.
  • If you have a market animal that is housed at a different address, email that address to entry@bcyf.org.
  • If you have a dog or cat, email picture to entry@bcyf.org or mail or put in drop box, but MUST be on or before July 1st deadline!

Starting May 1st you can register!

Blue Ribbon Online Registration