Beef Carcass Class for 2019

Must register with Market Steers on or before Feb. 1st, 2019


1st      LIVE Beef Evaluation Show

When: TBT

Where: BCYF

Weigh in begins at 3:30 p.m. till 4:30 p.m.

2nd     HANGING Beef Carcass Evaluation Show

When: TBT

Where: Gary’s Meats, Union, MI

Time: 5:00 p.m.

MUST register for class by Feb. 1st, 2019

  1. Class Minimum 2 beef, maximum of 10 beef due to limited space, in such an event if more than 10 beef are registered, BCYF beef supt’s will conduct a lottery drawing and inform the Exhibitors by February 4th, 2019 of chosen participants.
  2. Only ONE tagged Beef will be allowed per Exhibitor at weigh in for Beef Carcass class.
  3. Exhibitor is responsible for the processing fees and must have processing sheets filled out before end of Live show. Exhibitor is expected to take their own meat or have a buyer lined up to take it.
  4. Only Champion and Reserve Champion Beef Carcass will be allowed to sell in the Large Animal Aucton and will be sold AS LIVE WEIGHT only. Exhibitor MUST be present at the Auction of their animal.  Champion and Reserve will be determined the night of the Carcass evaluation.
  5. Live show will take place at 5 p.m. at the BCYF show arena. Exhibitor can use the beef barn wash rack to wash beef and groom.  Grooming chutes are allowed to groom the animal and chutes are expected to be removed by end of the LIVE show.  Beef is expected to be clipped prior to and not the day of show at the fair.   Exhibitor must present and show their own beef.
  6. Exhibitor will be responsible for their own transportation to both evaluations.
  7. Exhibitor must wear appropriate clothing/shoes at BOTH evaluations. Jeans, button down shirt and boots are proper attire, anthing else is not acceptable.  Not hats allowed.
  8. After completion of LIVE show all Beef will be loaded out and shipped to Gary’s Meats, Union Pier, MI for slaughter, then prepared for hanging BEEF Carcass Evaluation show. BCYF will provide trucking to this location.  NO private loads will be allowed.

Premiums: A-4.50, B-3.75, C-3.00 (except Champions)