Fair Friends

We know the rumors are swirling.  Will we have a Fair?  First, please remember we are a YOUTH Fair and therefore NOT governed by the MSU Extension.  While we have some of our youth that participate in 4-H, we do not have to comply with current 4-H guidelines that suspend face-to-face youth events in Michigan until September 1, 2020.

Our best answer for you at this time is, yes!  We are continuing to plan the 75th Berrien County Youth Fair from our homes.  We have board directors in daily contact with local, regional and state officials.  The situation changes daily, so that answer may change, but as of now, yes we are planning to have our annual BCYF beginning on August 17th!

As for other grounds events:

  • Our spring Mom2Mom sale will be held on May 30, but things could change at a moment’s notice.
  • Our winter rental out date will be as soon as the executive order to stay home is lifted.  The date could be as soon as May 2 – more details to come.
  • Other grounds events should be in direct communication with our Fair manager, Karen Klug, at manager@bcyf.org
  • We encourage exhibitors to utilize this time to get projects done, maybe those projects you always want to do, but never get around to it.  The complete 2020 Exhibitor Handbook is now online at www.bcyf.org
  • If you’ve never been an exhibitor at the Fair, you know we’re sticklers for rules.  What kind of example would we be setting for our exhibitors if we blatantly disregard the executive order put in place to save lives?  Our mission is “Builders of Good Citizenship”.  We aim to continue practicing that and encourage you to do the same.  Stay home, stay safe.  Save lives.  Please have patience with us.  We want things to return to normal as much as you do, and want to celebrate 75 years with you come August!
  • Please field additional questions to manager@bcyf.orgas our staff and volunteer board of directors continue to work remotely from home.  Trust that you will hear from us first regarding any cancellation of events.

Corey Burks

BCYF  President