• Provides bedding for two market hog pens (250 hogs per year)
  • Creates a fair experience for five visitors (120,000 visitor per year)
  • Hosts one of 33 non-fair events increasing our economic impact in the local community
  • Provides one new sheep pen - we completed all new sheep pens in 2018
  • Provides ribbons, trophies, premiums and judges for twenty youth exhibitors (2,134 in 2018)
  • 2020 is 75th anniversary of the Berrien County Youth Fair! You can pre-order your decade shirt now for a $10 deposit.
    • 40’s and 50’s will be worn on Monday, August 17
    • 60’s and 70’s will be worn on Tuesday, August 18
    • 80’s and 90’s will be worn on Wednesday, August 19
    • 2000’s and 2010’s will be worn on Thursday, August 20
    • 2020 exhibitors will wear theirs on Friday, August 21
    • Everyone wears their shirt on Saturday, August 22!
    Pre-order Deadline: May 1, 2020 Local Pickup Only starting July 4, 2020