2020 is 75th anniversary of the Berrien County Youth Fair!  We’ve got lots of events happening throughout the year!  Stay tuned to our website to see what we’ve got planned!  We hope you’ll join us in the celebration!

First up…decade shirts!  During the week of Fair, we will be featuring specific decades of exhibitors and at the end of the week we’ll have everyone back for a big group aerial picture (pending the weather works in our favor!)  You can pre-order your decade shirt now for a $10 deposit.  Keep an eye on our website for an order form coming soon!

40’s and 50’s will be worn on Monday, August 17

60’s and 70’s will be worn on Tuesday, August 18

80’s and 90’s will be worn on Wednesday, August 19

2000’s and 2010’s will be worn on Thursday, August 20

2020 exhibitors will wear theirs on Friday, August 21

Everyone wears their shirt on Saturday, August 22!



If you weren’t an exhibitor, don’t worry, we’ll have non-decade specific shirts too!