Chairman of the Board & President Corey Burks
First Vice President Noreen Soos
Second Vice President Rob Christner
Secretary Karen M. Klug
Treasurer Tyson Lemon

Board of Directors

Kelly Ewalt Corey Burks Rob Christner
Tyson Lemon  Jim Kesterke Bruce Foster
Bob Mischke Karen M. Klug Ken Kuespert
Linda Shinsky Brian Smith Tom Rossman
Les Smith Jessica Tharp Noreen Soos
Dan Stacey Mark Young Allen Weich

Committee Chairmanships 2021 – 2022

Corey Burks – Emergency Services – Fire, Security, EMS; Entertainment Security; Ag-Expo

Rob Christner – Small Animals – Rabbits, Poultry & Pocket Pets; Small Animal Sweepstakes; Buildings and Grounds; Camping (Co)

Kelly Ewalt – Lg. Animals – Llamas, Swine, Dairy, Goats; Outreach

Bruce Foster – Auction (Co); Large Animals – Sheep, Beef; Large Animal Sweepstakes; Parade of Champions

Jim Kesterke – Signs/Fences; Fair Time Shuttles; Ag Olympics; Small Animals – Dogs & Cats

Karen Klug –  Memorials; Planning (Co); Concessions/Rides (Co); Landscaping

Ken Kuespert – Technology; Audio; Fair Services – Trams; Nominating

Tyson Lemon – Gates; Finance; Endowment; Planning (Co); Baked Fruit Pie

Bob Mischke – Pedal Pull; Tractor Pull; Equipment Scheduling and Sanitation; Show Set up (Co)

Tom Rossman – Equine; Bylaws & Policies (Co); Camping (Co); Trophy (Co)

Linda Shinsky – Grounds Office; By-Laws & Policies (Co); Historical; Mall Entertainment

Brian Smith -Commercial (Co); Entertainment (Co) – Artist Selection, Tickets, Ushers, Special Arrangements, Chair Set-up

Les Smith – Commercial (Co); Youth Exhibits Coordinator; Judges (Co); Concessions/Rides (Co)

Noreen Soos – Youth Tractor Operators Contest; Trophy (Co); Still Exhibits – Horticulture, Flowers, Crafts, Home Ec.; Fundraising (Co)

Dan Stacey – Animal Health; Volunteer Breakfast; Ice Sales; Wonders of Birth (Co)

Jessica Tharp – Show Set Up (Co); Wonders of Birth (Co); Fundraising (Co); Judges (Co)

Allen Weich – King & Queen; Entry Office; Exhibitor Handbooks; Auction (Co)

Mark Young – Entertainment (Co) – Artist Selection, Tickets, Ushers, Special Arrangements; Stage Crew