Arts and Crafts Exhibitors Information

Entry Deadline is Aug. 1st

To enter exhibits on either entry day, make sure you have entry tags attached to every exhibit and tag is filled out completely.  Each door of the craft building is designated for certain classes, check to see if your exhibit falls in the last numbers posted at the door, proceed to the door attendant, they should check your exhibit in, and stamp your entry sheet.

Still Exhibit Auction:  Saturday, Aug. 17 at 9 a.m.  If you wish to sell “one” item you are entering you must sign up by Aug. 1st!


Please pay close attention to the specific requirements of each class in the Craft area.  Some classes have size restrictions, like the size of a frame or poster board.
Yes, read the individual classes and fit your project to the descriptions.
Each class has specific rules to display such as in a frame, on cardboard etc.
Each class has premiums listed as to how much money and most classes have a champion and res. champion winner; many classes have a trophy for the champion.  The judges may also award special awards such as; Craftsman award, Shutterbug award, Artist showcase.
They will first look to make sure you are within the guidelines of that class.  Then they will judge according to the project.