Flower Exhibitors Information

Registration Deadline is Aug. 1st

BCYF Still Exhibit Auction!  Must enter class 2780 (below) by Aug. 1st to be eligible.  Only one Still Exhibit entry for auction.  Check page 15 of Exhibitor Handbook for auction rules

Sat. Aug. 17 @ 9 a.m.

Dept. 65   Div. 1

2780. Still Exhibit Auction, classes eligible: 1794/1797, 1818/1821, 1824 and 1875 (for classes 1818, 1821 and 1824 only arrgs. with silk or perm. flowers are eligible.  No fresh flowers or greens.

Flower Exhibitors FAQ

Bouquets (flowers arranged in a vase) are acceptable in the arrangement classes.    However, for the Champion awards, bouquets may not compete as well as arrangements which use oasis.
Under the ‘Flowers’ section in the Fair Book, you will find entry rules and a listing of about 50 different classes that are available for exhibits.  These classes include specimens, arrangements, planters and many others.  You do need to pick up your exhibit on Sunday morning (9:00 am to 1:00 pm).

We look forward to seeing you at the Fair!

The champion and reserve champion award winners must provide fresh flowers for their exhibit during Fair week.  The remaining exhibits do not need to be freshened but you should try to water them as needed.
Winners of Champion exhibits will receive a trophy if one is indicated in the class description. All Champion and Reserve Champion winners will be recognized, and trophies distributed, at the Flower Awards Presentation on Wednesday at 3:30 during Fair Week.
Please sign up for the Floral Excellence Award on entry day in the Flower barn.
We recommend that you do not bring valuable or sentimental containers to the Fair due to the risk that they may be broken.  Please be sure the container you use is properly weighted, so it is less likely to tip.
Certain classes have size restrictions, as indicated in the class rules.  Please read the rules & measure your exhibit or container to ensure  it fits the requirements.
Wreaths exhibited in the Flower Department require fresh flowers or greenery.  Wreaths with artificial flowers may be exhibited in the Craft Department.
The class rules require the backs / handles of nosegays to be finished in order to earn the highest grade.
Potpourri must be displayed in clear containers, as indicated in the class rules.  Sachets may be displayed in any type of suitable material.
As the starting point, the judges will look at whether the flower rules and the specific requirements of each class as listed in the fair book were followed.  Then they examine the quality and cleanliness of the flowers, as well as the design and creativity of the arrangements.  The exhibitor’s age is also considered in grading the exhibit.
Names of specimens are required for certain classes, according to the class rules.  Perennial specimens, patio type plants and indoor type plants require the plant names.

Flower buds do not need to be removed from specimen exhibits unless otherwise noted in the class rules.

Foliage must be attached to the specimen exhibits where specified in the class rules.
All flowers should be garden grown unless otherwise specified.  The florist grown flower arrangement,  wedding bouquets,  and corsages are examples of classes that  may use florist grown flowers.