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Equine Exhibitors Information

Equine Entry deadline for Equine is June 1st

No on line entry this year!  Paper entry only.  May be picked up at libraries or at the Fair Office.  Drop off at fair office between 9 and 4 or drop box in front of office after hours.  Or can be mailed.

Please check front page for Judging Schedule changes

(A) An Exhibitor is allowed to exhibit only the Equine which is registered in his/her name. An equine may only be shown by one exhibitor. Exception: Draft Team Driving Class (see Draft Rules)

(B) Exhibitor may register four (4) equine, but may bring only two (2) to the fair. Backup animal may be listed as a backup equine on entry sheet of more than one exhibitor.

(C)  Registered animals may only show in registered classes.

(D)  If exhibitor has a registered Equine, the Equine’s registered name must be used on all forms.

(E)  Exhibitors are allowed one (1) showmanship class (which is strongly recommended) and one (1) halter class per equine and may enter six (6) performance classes, such as: horsemanship, equitation, trail, pleasure, reining, pleasure driving, dressage, jumping and gymkhana, or any combination of these.  Exhibitors who enter and are judged in their Showmanship class will be allowed an additional performance class for a total of nine (9) classes. If the exhibitor has a second equine he/she will be allowed to show in one (1) Showmanship class, one (1) halter class and five (5) performance classes. If the exhibitor enters and is judged in the showmanship class, he/she will be allowed an additional performance class for a total of 8.

(F) One pleasure class English and/or Western per Equine.

(G) Walk/Trot exhibitor/equine combination may exhibit only in the halter, showmanship, walk-trot, in-hand, intro dressage, in hand jumping (mini/pony) under 50″ and driving classes only.

(H) Exhibitor is responsible for having equine entered in the correct class.

(I)  No late registrations will be accepted.

(J)  You must turn in a hard copy of your Coggins on entry day when you do your final entry at the equine office.  This copy will be stamped at vet check and become property of BCYF.

All exhibitors must verify their entries no earlier than July 18 and no later than July 20 AT 4 P.M..   If you do not verify at this time you will not be allowed to bring your horses to the fair.


All Equine to be exhibited at the Fair during Fair week are required to have influenza vaccination, EHV/Rhino vaccination and any other State mandated vaccinations/shots. It is highly suggested but not mandatory to give the Rabies vaccine too, all shots are required to be properly administered by a licensed veterinarian after Jan. 1st of current year and 4 weeks prior to fair (July 16, 2018).  Proof of a negative Coggins test per State Regulations, is also required and you will need to turn in a copy at  equine entry when you check in. .  All out of state Equine must provide Health Certification papers signed by a Veterinarian.  Proof of all (with documentation) must be presented at Health check before unloading animals.

Equine with clinical signs of infectious, contagious, or toxicological disease and/or Health issues per Veterinarian observation (Body Scoring) shall be removed from the fair grounds at the discretion of the Animal Health Chairman or State Veterinarian/Representative.  To understand body scoring please refer to the listed website Day:     All animals must go through health check at Gate 3 (Shawnee Rd.) between 7 am and noon, then proceed to your assigned barn or tent.  After unloading and checking in you must go to Equine Entry office (located in the Horse complex) and complete registration and receive week pass.  This must be done before 12:00 noon.

Fair week:     Stalls are expected to be cleaned daily, before 10:00 am. Exhibitors failing to clean their stall will fall under the 3 Strike Rule (see page 14 of fairbook).

Check ring schedules for class judging.

Release of Equine – Sunday from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m., you may start lining up at 6 a.m.  Stalls must be cleaned before departure at 11:00 am on Sunday, at the conclusion of the fair.

Most importantly, Have fun!

Premium checks may be picked up on Sunday from 8 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.  They can also be cashed at that time.  Your other classes will have a check on Saturday!

Entry Deadline

June 1st

Equine Handbook
2017 Russ Widdis Scholarship Application
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