Horticulture Exhibitors Information

Registration Deadline is Aug. 1st

BCYF Still Exhibit Auction!  Must enter class 2780 (below) by Aug. 1st to be eligible.  Only one Still Exhibit entry for auction.  Check page 15 in Exhibitor Handbook for auction rules

9 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 17th

Dept. 65   Div. 1

2780. Still Exhibit Auction, classes eligible: 1500, 1503,

1506, 1509, 1665, 1667, 1669

Horticulture Exhibitors FAQ

10# containers, clear pints, flats and flat green trays are available from the fair office after Aug. 1st.  There will also be some available across from the Horticulture building in the mall area on entry day.
Scarecrows come in through the North side door of the Hort. Building.  Booth entries can be brought in through the small (man) door in front.  All other exhibits come in through the large overhead door in the front of the building.
On Sunday, Entry Day, from 2 pm to 8 pm.
You may add 1 item on entry day for every 1 item you take off.
We ask that booths be entered before 7 pm because it takes longer to set them up. Also, the earlier you come in the better chance you have to get one, some years we do run out of booths.
You can poke a hole through the green trays and pints and tie them on the handles of the 10# containers and flats.  Scarecrow tags need to be pinned to the lowest point of the scarecrow.  On decorated Gourds, veggie creations, and pumpkins, attach as best you can.
No taller than 4′ or wider than 3′.  We have a frame that we pass them through for size.  If yours is too big, we will ask you to make it smaller.  Also remember to enter your scarecrow by class number.
Yes, this needs to be on your entry form when you turn it in on or before Aug. 1st.
Booths and Scarecrows – Yes, all others, you need to pull your tags to get your ribbons.

Release of Exhibits:  Sunday 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Yes!  If it says 5, 12 etc. in the book, that is what the judges are looking for.  Also, the book tells you if you need to top, leave roots on, etc.