Home Economics Exhibitors Information

Registration Deadline is Aug. 1st

BCYF Still Exhibit Auction! Must enter class 2780 (below) by Aug. 1st to be eligible.  Only one Still Exhibit entry for auction.  Check page 15 of Exhibitor Handbook for auction rules.  Sat. Aug. 17 @ 9 a.m.

 Dept. 65 – 1

  1. Still Exhibit Auction, these classes eligible: 2124,

            2143, 2211, 2214, 2223, 2234, 2251, 2254, 2257,

            2263, 2266, 2269, 2272, 2277, 2280, 2286, 2289,

            2292, 2295, 2298, 2299           

Helpful Hints:

Decide what you want to make (i.e. pound cake, cookies, skirt, quilt, etc.)

Check the age requirement. (i.e. Are you too old to make cookies, too young to make doll clothes, etc.?)

Do you need to make a MAJOR EXHIBIT in order to get a pass? (What is that?)

Read general rules for all Divisions under which you are entering.  This is a MUST and will keep you from doing something that will get your exhibit disqualified.

Read specific rules for the class you want to enter.  It tells you size, shape and other important information.

Check to see whether there are any specific rules for the general area you are entering. (i.e. Candy and Personalization have some special requirements, as do others.)

Practice, Practice, Practice – Whatever you are making to exhibit! (i.e. practice making fudge, cookies or practice the skill, such as sewing a straight line, hemming, etc.)

Get supplies needed for entry (i.e. WHITE Styrofoam trays, entry tags, canning labels, etc.) from the fair office BEFORE entry day.

Now that you have decided what to make, remember the Aug. 1st “Still” exhibit (Home Ec., Crafts, Flowers, and Horticulture Buildings) deadline for registration.  Again REREAD RULES general rules and rules for specific items noting age requirements, size, amount, etc. for each.

Prior to or on entry day at home – Do the following:

  • Prepare entry tags making sure you write your exhibitor number (i.e. C6855), class number (i.e. 2011 for fruit pie or 2190 for coat/jacket) and your age on it. Fill in all three sections of the entry tag with your exhibitor number and class number and tear off the bottom third. This is your “claim check” for retrieving your exhibit Sunday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the end of fair week. Write what the item is on the back of the claim check to speed up retrieval when you pick up your exhibit.
  • For food exhibits type out/write out/or use original recipe card – as ALL FOOD ITEMS NEED A RECIPE CARD (even cake mix cakes) – put your age in one upper corner of the recipe card and your exhibitor number in the other corner, and punch a hole through the card(s), making sure you don’t delete part of the recipe. Punch hole through base (i.e. aluminum pie pan, foil covered cardboard, or white Styrofoam tray) before you put food item on it. With string from entry tag, tie recipe card and entry tag to tray, pie pan or cardboard. Then put food item on it, bag it or cover it and you are ready to enter. Any type of cake will get a “cover” placed on it at entry and pies will be covered with a large plastic bag, also at entry.
  • Remember – many food items freeze well, can be thawed on the Saturday before the fair, and exhibited on Sunday. This will help cut down on entry day stress. Also, if entry day is hot, candy and other items that may “melt” could be brought to the fair in a cooler.
  • For food preservation (canning) fill out entry tag same as above, unscrew the ring on each jar, place entry tag string over side of jar and screw ring back in place securing the entry tag. Remember – EACH JAR MUST HAVE AN ENTRY TAG. Also EACH JAR MUST HAVE A CANNING LABEL PASTED ON IT. Make sure all jars in your exhibit of 3 jars are identical in size, shape, and brand of jars and designs of lids. You DO NOT need a recipe for canning.
  • For Clothing – You need to prepare entry tag same as above; however, pin (either with a straight pin or safety pin) the entry tag to the LEFT side of the garment as you would be wearing it. When you are looking at the front of the garment, the entry tag would be on the right. Do not tie entry tag to hanger. Bring it on wire hanger or if you don’t have one, the entry clerks can switch it to a wire hanger for you. Make sure items are clean and ironed.
  • For all other departments (Knitting, Crocheting, Personalized Garments, Home Design, and Quilting) prepare entry tag as above, pin one entry tag to each item (only one entry tag if items are a pair, i.e. knitted mittens, slippers, etc.) Make sure items are clean and presentable. Remember – with Home Design – don’t clutter your table – keep it simple and in proportion to table.

Now you are ready for entry day.  Enjoy the day and enjoy the fair!

Release of Exhibits is on Sunday only from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.  

Premium checks may be picked up on Saturday of fair from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the Entry Office or on Sunday from 8 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.  They can also be cashed at either time.